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Liquor Licencing.

Personal licences.

  1. Finding the personal licence from the Flare desktop.
  2. Updating a personal licence application.
  3. Shortcut to updating a personal licence application.

Finding personal licences.

From the Flare desktop select "More Activities", a menu similar to that shewn below will appear in the "Flare Desktop" window.

Screen shot of "More Activities Desktop" would be useful here.

Select Personal Licence. The desktop will now display the "Personal Licence Desktop" with the options "Update", "Enquiry" and "Report Generator" as below.

Screen shot showing the Personal Licence Desktop would be useful here

Updating a personal licence application.

From the Personal Licence Desktop" select "Update", a new window will open entitled "L2U - Personal Licence Update (FSS).

Shortcut using L2U.

L2U is the program name for personal licence updates. Experienced users of Flare will use this as a short cut from the opening "Flare Desktop" utilising the "Search" icon. Which ever method is used the screen will appear as below.

A screen shot showing "Personal Licence Update" screen would be useful here.

The opening screen is common to several different applications. Some of the fields will not require a data entry for a personal licence application.

Fields which do require a data entry are:

This is for the number of the record you are creating. It will be generated automatically when the record is saved.
"LA Ref"
This field will normally be left blank. Where a record has been created automatically by importing data from web based application this field may be used.
The date the record is being created will be entered automatically in this field. It may be edited if your team leader or service manager directs you to use the date the application is received or some other date. It is important that whatever is decided it is used consistently within the service unit.
This field may be left blank.
This field may be left blank. It is used in premises licence applications. Do not be tempted to enter the personal licence applicant's details.
This field may be left blank. It is used in premises licence applications. Do not be tempted to enter the personal licence applicant's details.
This will usually be code 1IA "Personal Licence Application"
This will usually be code LI "Licencing". Entering a different "Unit" code will refer the record to another service unit within the authority.
This will usually be code the code for the officer dealing with the application. A short cut to entering your own code is to press "F2".
This is free text. The field should be used consistently following the guidelines issued by your team leader or service manager. You may find it useful to enter the applicants name as this will enable you to recognise the application from a personal database listing.
This field will be calculated automatically from the record date mentioned above.
"First Response"
This is the date when action in response to the application is first taken.
"Date Closed"
The use of this field is normally reserved for team leaders.
This is normally code 1IA "Personal Licence Application"

C W Fulford
4th March 2004. Revised 21 October 2004.

Codes for Liquor Licences transferred from the Magistrates.
v0.1 August 2004.


Synopsis & Caveats:

The Magistrates Court has supplied details of currently approved licences. It is intended that the basic data should be loaded into Flare to provide a base for data analysis and future processing.

The information which follows has been gleaned by visual inspection of some 1,000 records and may contain errors or omissions.

The range of licence types and certificates issued should be confirmed by the courts.


The following licence types were identified.

Full On (New)
Full On (Provisional)
Full On (Renewal)
Full On (Transfer)
Full On (Affirmation)
Full On (Deemed Authority)
Full On (Interim Authority)
Full On (Protection Order)
Full On (Modification of Plans)
Full On (Final (Single))

Full Off (New)
Full Off (Renewal)
Full Off (Transfer)
Full Off (Deemed Authority)
Full Off (Protection Order)
Full Off (Final)

Intoxicating Liquor (Rest) (New)
Intoxicating Liquor (Rest) (Renewal)
Intoxicating Liquor (Rest) (Transfer)
Intoxicating Liquor (Rest) (Affirmation)
Intoxicating Liquor (Rest) (Final (Single))

Residential & Restaurant (New)
Residential & Restaurant (Renewal)
Residential & Restaurant (Transfer)

Registered Club (New)
Registered Club (Renewal)

Licenced Club (Transfer)

Members Club (Renewal)

Members Club Pt.III (New)
Members Club Pt.III (Renewal)

Gaming (Bingo) (Renewal)

Gaming (Renewal)

Some premises had more than one licence in the same category. Members Club Pt-III licences were only seen together with Members Club licences.


It appears that there are 10 major classes of licence:

Full On, Full Off, Restaurant, Residential & Restaurant, Registered Club, Licenced Club, Members Club, Members Club Pt III,Gaming (Bingo), Gaming.

For each class of licence there may be up to 10 sub-classes: New, Renewal, Transfer, Provisional, Protection Order, Affirmation, Interim Authority, Deemed Authority, Modification of Plans, Final (Single).

It seems probable that not all sub-classes apply to all classes.

The licencing team has decided to hide the detail of the Magistrates Licences by aggregating data into arbitrary supersets of the licence categories used by the courts.

Full Off (MC) Full On (MC) Club (MC) Gaming (MC) Residential (MC) Occasional (MC) Restaurant (MC)
Full Off Full On Members Club
Members Pt III
Registered Club
Licenced Club
Gaming (Bingo)
Residential & Restaurant
  Intoxicating Liquor (Rest)

The licence sub-classes will hidden by subsuming them in the arbitrary classes shewn above.

The Magistrates "Certificates".which were attached to licences are to be aggregated into arbitrary nominal certificates and treated as licences.

Amusements With Prizes (MC) Special Hours (MC) Supper Hours (MC) Children's (MC)
Amusements with Prizes Provisional Special Hours
Declaration of Provisional Special Hours
Special Hours S.77
Supper Hours S.58 Children's Certificate S.169

Conditions which are applied to each licence can be code in actions and detailed in action details if required. The appropriate codes for actions L0A, L1A, L2A, LGA etc. are available.

Clifford W Fulford
v0.1 27th August 2004.

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