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Verifying addresses against the LLPG

It is essential that all addresses on the Flare database conform to BS7666 and are verified against the Local Land and Property Gazetteer or LLPG.

When visiting premises always strive to get full details of the address. Be prepared to use other data sources to find missing details. Post codes can by found from The Royal Mail/Consignia .

Unknown addresses may be found in the Yellow Pages" , Thomson's or BT directory enquiries .

Company names and registered addresses may be found at Companies House .

The easiest way to create a new address is to limit the text entered to the street number and the post code. This can be done on the same line by entering the postcode followed by a slash and the street number or house name.

When prompted for the Name, Address and Postcode, in the "Address" line enter NG2 5GF/162, leaving the "Postcode" field blank. E.g.

Address  NG2 5GF/162

will find 162 Edward Road.

If you have the post code but no street number, enter just the post code and click on "Verify". A pick list will be presented with every known address with that post code. Businesses with no street number will be included in the list. Where this is the case the business name is an essential part of the address. Do not be tempted to delete it from the address after verification.

If you have a post code but the street number you are looking for is not shown in the pick list, the chances are that the post code is wrong. Try deleting the post code and then try to verify against the street name alone (see below).

If you have the street name but no post code verify against the street name. If the name is correctly spelt a dialogue box will be presented with the prompt

	Correct to:
	Street Name, Nottingham'

with the options

	Yes   Expand  No

Click on "Expand" and a pick list of every known property in the street will given.

Entering localities, such as Old Basford, the Meadows, Colwick etc. will not help. Localities are not normally used in the Nottingham LLPG. There are some exceptions . Do not be tempted to include locality information without checking the exceptions list first.

The second line of the address is usually "Nottingham", only in the case of the exceptions mentioned above should "Nottingham" occur on the third line.

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