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Login in to APP Flare.

  1. Finding the Flare application
  2. Entering a user name.
  3. Entering a password.

Finding the Flare application

From the Windows XP desk top use the mouse to select "start", "All Programs" , "Flare", "FSS", "Login to Flare".

Screen shot showing how to navigate through
      the "start" menu to the Flare application

After a few seconds delay a Flare dialogue box will appear on the screen

Screen shot showing the FLARE Logon dialogue box

Entering a user name

Your Flare user name is not the same as the name used to login in to your PC. The data on the Flare server is confidential and may be very sensitive, it protected by the "Data Protection Act". The requirement for a separate user identity and password protects the system from others using your computer to access the data.

Flare user names are usually only 3 characters in length, (older accounts may have 2 character user identities). To help your remember your Flare identity the three characters will normally be your initials. If you have two names or less then additional characters from your name will be used.

If you have not been given your Flare id, ask your team leader or service manager. You cannot obtain a Flare user identity by applying directly to IT support or the ICT systems manager.

In the "FLARE Logon" dialogue box enter your Flare "User ID" and press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. If the identity is recognised by the server your full name will appear in the longer box to the right of your initials. The name in this box will be "greyed" out. This indicates that it cannot be changed.

If this is the first time you have logged on to Flare a message will be displayed "Your password must be at least '5' characters long. Change now". Click on "Yes"

A dialogue box appears which prompts for your old password and your new password. Leave the "Old Password" field blank and enter your new password twice. Please read the section below before entering your new password. Please ensure your password is at least 6 characters long.

Entering a password

If you are logging on to the Flare system for the first time you simply press return. You will be prompted to set a new password.

If you already know your password, ensure that the "Caps Lock" is off and type it in to the "Password" box. Press the "Enter" key on the keyboard.

If your user id and password combination is correct the dialogue box will disappear and within 2 seconds your "Flare Desktop" should appear.

Screen shot showing the FLARE Desktop

Do not worry if your desk top does not look exactly as the one above. The desktop will vary according to the programmes to which you have been granted access.

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